The forthcoming 19th Futures Conference of the Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku will focus on the futures of sustainable development and energy issues under a title ‘Energizing Futures’’. To understand the governance challenges of sustainable development and energy, we need multidisciplinary, multi-level and time-variant analysis of various issues. Renewable and non-renewable primary energy sources, their transformation into useful energy carriers (such as fuels, electricity, and heat), environmental impacts of energy transformation processes during the whole value chain, energy exports and imports, energy markets and the price of energy carriers, energy end-use patterns and consumer behavior, energy and resource efficiency, as well as energy policies are important elements of local, national and international energy systems.

  • What are the main challenges of sustainable futures in an era of increasing uncertainty?
  • How to create sustainable energy policies in Europe and elsewhere in the World?
  • What is the role of futures studies in sustainable development and in identifying opportunities for a fair, efficient and resilient energy system?

‘Energizing Futures’ conference aims to generate multidisciplinary, stimulating and critical discussions that promote networking between people interested in energy issues from different backgrounds.

We are looking forward to meet you in Tampere, Finland on 13–14 June 2018!