Call for Papers is closed

Thank you all for submitting your abstract. We have received over 100 submissions. Our Scientific Board is just reading those through. We’ll let you know as soon as possible whether your abstracts has been approved.

Call for Papers

We welcome you to share your findings, ideas, results and thoughts on (but not limited to) these key topics:

  1. Theory and practice of energy and resource efficiency and sufficiency
  2. Renewable energy policies and sustainability in Europe and the World
  3. Future prospects of carbon-neutral economy and its production structure and consumption patterns
  4. Futures of carbon-neutral energy economy and policy at different levels
  5. Technology foresight of sustainable energy systems
  6. Challenges and opportunities for future energy governance
  7. Energy “fantasies” and socio-technical imaginaries
  8. Methods and methodology of futures research on sustainability.

Deadline for the abstracts is 11 January 2018. Please submit your abstract via on-line form.

Take a look at the abstract submission guidelines. The conference program will consist of interactive keynote lectures, parallel workshops and a poster session.

Print out the Call for Papers in pdf format.



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