Special Millennium Project Workshop


Join this co-creative and electrifying Special Millennium Project Session to probe the concrete possibilities for making visionary change happen around the world!

By 2050 energy will be emission free, almost entirely renewable, and used much more efficiently than today. We will thereby have a wealth of inexpensive, clean energy in use. An internet of energy will empower an electrified, resilient and secure society, and inspire its networked and autonomous citizens. The aim of the workshop is to probe the novel and innovative discoveries of the Neo-Carbon Energy research project (2014–2017). Transformative scenarios have been constructed with the aid of CLA and pioneer analysis, and tested with identification of black swans. These scenarios reflect a vision of renewable energy transition, which will now be used to open up a space for future stakeholder actions and commitments. We will also explore how the identified policy recommendations can be put into action!

Jerome Glenn, the Director of the Millennium Project, will give a special keynote about the Future Self-Actualization Economy for sustainable and energy efficient society, evolving in part from the emerging peer-to-peer society to shape more sustainable and energy efficient societies.

Read more about the Session.


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