Poster Session

Enhancing public administration – Geoenergy permissions in Finnish municipalities
Pirjo Majuri & Timo Vuorisalo

Relation of selected classes of uncertainty to the types of the future in foresight methodological approach – the context of a sustainable economy
Andrzej Magruk

Surface modification of carbon cloth electrodes for microbial fuel cells by coating candle soot
Shih-Hang Chang, Bor-Yann Chen, Yuan-Ting Tsao & Bo-Yen Huang

Collaborative foresight – Insights from a renewable energy cluster in Germany
Reimo Jahn, Hans Koller & Michael A. Zeng

How Do We Explore Our Futures?
Presenting a new publication of The Finnish Society for Futures Studies

The EU project Radical Innovation Breakthrough Inquirer RIBRI
Osmo Kuusi & Marjukka Parkkinen

Transforming the Future: Anticipation in the 21st Century
Riel Miller

The Five Dimensions of Futures Consciousness
Sanna Ahvenharju, Matti Minkkinen & Fanny Lalot