Session 4

Theory and practice of energy and resource efficiency and sufficiency

Insights on the plan for the adaptation to the impacts of climate change  
Miki Kuribayashi

The end-use matrix: An Innovative tool for the analysis of the energy performance of the economy
Raúl Velasco-Fernández & Mario Giampietro

A flexible sustainability indicator for companies
Jarmo Vehmas

University – Industry interaction: Cuban study case at the electric sector
Miguel Castro Fernández, Miriam Vilaragut Llanes, Miriam Lourdes Filgueiras Sainz de Rozas & Ariel Santos Fuentefría

Future prospects of carbon-neutral economy and its production structure and consumption patterns

Energy efficiency as an engine for development in countries characterized by energy poverty
R. Rallo, M. Casazza, S. Viglia & S. Ulgiati

Cuban electricity sector development. Challenges of increased intermittent renewable production
Jyrki Luukkanen, Anaely Saunders, Irina Salazar, Luis Vazquez, Yrjö Majanne, Ariel Santos & Mika Korkeakoski

What is a Green economy? Case study on Cambodia and Laos on the transition towards a greener future
Vuola, M., Korkeakoski, M., Vähäkari, N., Dwyer, M. , Hogarth, N., Kaivo-oja, J., Luukkanen, J., Chea, E. & Nanthavong, K.

Big Picture of Energy Efficiency: Solving a Complex Puzzle of Green Economy and Sustainability
Jari Kaivo-oja, Jyrki Luukkanen & Jarmo Vehmas

Challenges and opportunities for future energy governance

Urban energy futures: a comparative analysis
Graeme Lang

Citizens’ views on the future of decentralized renewable energy
Anna Pulkka, Annukka Vainio, Riikka Paloniemi, Vilja Varho & Petri Tapio

How have framing and discourse approaches contributed to analysing energy transitions?
A critical review of empirical cases
Karoliina Isoaho & Kamilla Karhunmaa

Energy transitions in the Global South

Assessing the impact of climate enterprenuership programs in renewable energy transition: A case study of Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC)
Edward Mungai, Izael Da Silva & Sarah Makena

Radical solar energy pioneers in Kenya and Tanzania
Joni Karjalainen & Rob Byrne

Off-grid power quality and its effects on commonly used appliances: A case study of Nepal
Anna-Kaarina Seppälä, Mathias Bottheim & Stephan Baur

Performance Comparison of 100% Renewables Mini-Grid Models for Energizing the Off-Grid Areas in Myanmar
Aung Ze Ya

Energy foresight as a cognitive tool for action: a discussion on the design processes of scenarios and on their performativity in the political arena

Integrating social dimensions in energy scenarios
Grégoire Wallenborn

Towards policy-relevant low-carbon scenarios: discourses analysis of the actors involved in the long-term policy process for mitigation in Wallonia (Belgium)
Aurore Fransolet

Epistemic communities, foresight and change in energy policy: a case for two scenario-design processes in Wallonia   
Vincent Calay & Jean-Luc Guyot