Session 1

Theory and practice of energy and resource efficiency and sufficiency

Energy efficiency as a driver of CO2 emissions in the EU
Jarmo Vehmas, Jyrki Luukkanen & Jari Kaivo-oja

Energy efficiency trends in the European Union: decomposition analysis and policy implications
Gianluca Trotta

Energy and material efficiency in chemical processes
Gabriella Fiorentino , A. Zucaro & S. Ulgiati

Resource efficiency and circular economy. The search for appropriate indicators
A. Zucaro, R. Santagata, G. Fiorentino, F. Corcelli & S. Ulgiati

Renewable energy policies and sustainability in Europe and the World

Developing a collective vision for community led energy transition
Rosemary Byrne, Susan Byrne, Anne Bennett & Bernadette O’Regan

Public values for a low material future
Catherine Cherry & Nick Pidgeon

Sustainability regionalized? Arctic, energy and the elusive Social
Hanna Lempinen

The external dimension of renewable energy policy Analysing perceptions of EU-Maghreb renewable energy cooperation between 20072015
Sarah Kilpeläinen [not to be published]

Future prospects of carbon-neutral economy and its production structure and consumption patterns

CO2 reduction costs and benefits in transport: socio-technical scenarios
Heikki Liimatainen, Markus Pöllänen & Riku Viri

Electric Vehicle – prosumer policy mix for sustainable mobility – a case study in Finland
Kirsi Kotilainen, Matti Kojo, Pami Aalto, Jussi Valta & Antti Rautiainen

The role of H2 by woody biomass gasification on reaching the Finnish Gov. renewable transport fuel targets for 2030
Anna Pääkkönen, Tiina Keipi, Henrik Tolvanen & Jukka Konttinen

The application of a national imaginary in local contexts – a comparative case study of public transportation in Linköping and Malmö
Amelia Mutter

Challenges and opportunities for future energy governance

The future of political globalisation and the nation state, and its impact on sustainable development / energy, based on an assessment of macro patterns in change
Michiel Jonker

Competing sets of citizen visions for European futures – Implications and further potential
Petteri Repo, University & Kaisa Matschoss

Conceptualizations of Energy Community based on Place, Social Groups and Social Imaginings
John Whitton & Ioan Charnley-Parry

Review of alternative future approaches to sustainable electricity/energy access for rural communities in Lesotho
Leboli Z. Thamae, Moeketsi Mpholo & Molibeli B. Taele

Energy “fantasies” and socio-technical imaginaries

Anticipating the energy transition: Hotspots and blindspots
Christopher Groves, Karen Henwood, Fiona Shirani, Erin Roberts & Nick Pidgeon

Japan’s pursuit of a hydrogen society: Tensions and divergences between national and regional socio-technical imaginaries
Gregory Trencher

Shaping smart energy futures through the mobilization of demonstration projects
Fredrik Envall

Futures Literacy and Socio-Technical Imaginaries: Integrating Novelty and Not-Doing
Riel Miller

Methods and methodology of futures research and sustainability

Common framework for the assessment and management of sustainable innovations (CASI-F): A methodology of futures research on sustainability
Rafael Popper, Monika Popper & Guillermo Velasco

Hungary 2050 – Horizon Scanning Methodology in Practice
Éva Hideg, Judit Gáspár, Barbara Mihók & András Báldi

Constructing comprehensive scenarios – The GHH framework for a comprehensive approach and its application in futures research
Liisa Haapanen, Annika Nuotiomäki, Risto Willamo, Leena Helenius, Charlotta Holmström, Vilma Sandström, Essi Huotari, Katariina Kaarre, Ulla Värre, Jenni Happonen & Liisa Kolehmainen

Four local scripts based on four alternative images of the future
Maya Van Leemput, Martine Delannoy & Joris Wauters