Post-Conference Workshop: The Future of Futures Literacy in Finland

Welcome to a post-conference half-day workshop


A Management of Social Transformation
Futures Literacy Laboratory

15 June 2018 at 9.00-12.30

Venue: Finnish National Agency for Education, Hakaniemenranta 6, Helsinki

Futures literacy is an increasingly valuable skill for people living in our complex and dynamic world. This capacity to observe and reflect upon how oneself and others “use the future” in the present can unlock great potentials for individuals, organizations, and society.

In this workshop, led by UNESCO foresight expert, Dr. Riel Miller and Professor Markku Wilenius from Finland Futures Research Centre, we are exploring ways how futures literacy could be brought into the curriculum of Finnish education system. The larger context of this exercise is to find solutions to worldwide challenge to increase futures literacy in secondary schools.

Riel Miller is the inventor of Futures Literacy Laboratory model and we are going to have an exciting morning in front of us. This workshop is particularly targeted to those involved with teaching but others interested in applying futures thinking to lifelong learning will find it beneficial too.

Workshop is organized in the premises of our collaborator, Finnish national Agency for Education, with representatives participating from their organization too. Participation is free but is restricted to 30 participants.  We operate on first come, first serve principle. A more detailed program will be distributed later.

Registrations 7 June at the latest:

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Futures Literacy Lab summer 2017 in Turku.