Special Millennium Project Workshop with a Keynote Speech

New great electrification as Cultural Revolution for post-oil era – Everybody on board!

Thursday 14 June at 10:15–12:00
Room: Konserttisali
Chair: Professor Sirkka Heinonen

Provocation for peer-to-peer energy culture

Sirkka Heinonen & Joni Karjalainen
Finland Futures Research Centre, University of Turku, Finland

Future Self-Actualization Economy for sustainable and energy efficient society

Keynote Speech by Jerome C. Glenn, The Millennium Project, USA


Join this co-creative and electrifying Special Millennium Project Session to probe the concrete possibilities for making visionary change happen around the world!

By 2050 energy will be emission free, almost entirely renewable, and used much more efficiently than today. We will thereby have a wealth of inexpensive, clean energy in use. An internet of energy will empower an electrified, resilient and secure society, and inspire its networked and autonomous citizens.

The aim of the workshop is to probe the novel and innovative discoveries of the Neo-Carbon Energy research project (2014–2017). Transformative scenarios have been constructed with the aid of CLA and pioneer analysis, and tested with identification of black swans. These scenarios reflect a vision of renewable energy transition, which will now be used to open up a space for future stakeholder actions and commitments. We will also explore how the identified policy recommendations can be put into action!

A Futures Provocation will open up a vision of a future powered by renewable energy technologies where citizens will act as energy producers in a peer-to-peer society. They upload their surplus energy into a smart grid and download energy when needed. Low-cost energy, cheap and renewable raw materials, artificial intelligences, and platforms that match supply and demand will emancipate citizens as responsible producers. They also produce their energy entirely autonomously.

Jerome Glenn, the Director of the Millennium Project, will give a special keynote about the Future Self-Actualization Economy for sustainable and energy efficient society, evolving in part from the emerging peer-to-peer society to shape more sustainable and energy efficient societies.

Future synergies among AI, robotics, synthetic biology, computational science, cloud & big data analytics, artificial & augmented reality, nanotechnology, IoT & Tele-Everything, semantic web, quantum computing, tele-presence & holographic communications, intelligence augmentation, collective intelligence, blockchain, 3D/4D printing materials and biology, drowns and other driverless vehicles, conscious-technology will greatly improve energy efficiencies and what we think is possible for the future of civilization. It is widely understood that the applications of artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) to all elements of the industrial production processes and service industries (The Fourth Industrial Revolution) will have a great impact on energy, employment, and the economy. But it is less well understood, that the applications of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and synergies among next technologies will change make far more change than ANI and could create the Self-Actualization Economy and Culture. There alternative future work/tech 2050 global scenarios will be discussed and provide input to the small group discussions.

Representatives from the Millennium project, FFRC summer school and anyone interested in the future changes in the global energy landscape are invited to actively contribute and debate!

After the special keynote by Jerome Glenn, the Director of the Millennium Project, the participants will break out in small groups to work co-creatively and to deepen the key related questions emerging from the topic. The participants will report back to the session, and will get feedback and comments from their analysis from Jerome Glenn.

The Special Session findings will contribute to the new science-communication project called Great Electrification in a Peer-to-Peer Society.