Meet on Wednesday:


Maria Rosaria Di Nucci

Dr. Maria Rosaria Di Nucci is a Senior Researcher at the Environmental Policy Research Centre of the Freie Universität Berlin. Her research interests include the regulation of the energy markets, comparative nuclear policy, comparative energy and climate policy, sustainability and socio-economic assessment. She is the principal investigator/coordinator of the Horizon 2020 project WinWind. Other current projects include the impact assessment of the “National Climate Initiative” of the German Ministry for Environment as well as a multidisciplinary project on long term radioactive waste management and governance.

Michael Jacksonmike-jackson-web

Michael Jackson is a Founder Member and Chairman of Shaping Tomorrow, a unique web based foresight, strategy and change management portal for corporate innovation and risk management. His specific area of research is sustainable business futures. He is known on conference platforms speaking on business subjects including futures, sustainability, customer loyalty and retention, business process re-engineering, change management, building strategic visions and values and people motivation and communications, ethics, alliances, technology, health, foresight, science and corporate governance.  Read more.

Meet on Thursday:


Olav Hohmeyerolav-hohmeyer-web.jpg

Olav Hohmeyer is Professor at the Department of Energy and Environmental Management, Europa-Universität Flensburg, Germany. He does research in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering. Their most recent publication is ‘Trends toward 100% renewable electricity supply in Germany and Europe: A paradigm shift in energy policies.’ From 1996 to 2011, Professor Hohmeyer was the lead author of the IPCC. From 2002 to 2008, he co-ordinated IPCC Working Group III as Vice Chair together with six colleagues. Read more.

Eva Heiskanen

Eva Heiskanen is Professor of Sustainable Consumption at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests relate to the adoption, adaptation and diffusion of potentially more sustainable technologies in diverse social contexts, and the role of citizens and consumers in energy transitions. Her teaching relates to sustainable consumption in societal context. She is involved in the following research projects: Smart Energy Transition, ENERGISE and Intermediaries in the energy transition (TRIPOD).

Jerome C. Glennjerome-glenn

Jerome C. Glenn is the co-founder (1996) and CEO of The Millennium Project (on global futures research) and lead-author with Elizabeth Florescu, and The Millennium Project Team of the State of the Future reports of the Millennium Project for the past twenty years. He was the Washington, DC representative for the United Nations University as executive director of the American Council for the UNU 1988-2007. He has over 40 years of Futures Research experience working for governments, international organizations, and private industry in Science & Technology Policy, Environmental Security, Economics, Education, Defense, Space, Futures Research Methodology, International Telecommunications, and Decision Support Systems with the Committee for the Future, Hudson Institute, Future Options Room, and the Millennium Project. He has addressed or keynoted conferences for over 300 government departments, universities, NGOs, UN organizations, and/or corporations around the world on a variety of future-oriented topics.